Bodywork Session may be scheduled in Houghton:

  • Fridays - 10 to start as late as 6

Park in front of the office in Nature’s Feet at 47964 Madeline St.

In Laurium:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays - 9 to start as late as 6
  • 3rd Saturday mornings from 9 to start as late as 11.

Park on the street in front of the office in Soothing Hands Massage at 414 Hecla Street.  Please enter quietly and relax in the sitting area and I will meet with you by the appointment time.

All sessions are by appointment.  Flexible timing is possible.  Please call, text or email for checking on options. 

Sunday Not Available
Monday Not Available
Tuesday By Appointment Only
Wednesday Not Available
Thursday By Appointment Only
Friday By Appointment Only
Saturday By Appointment Only